Download Instructions

Download Instructions 2017-08-11T09:29:06+00:00

Note that the account you use here is not an existing St. Olaf-related account.

  • You can create your new account on this site during the checkout process.
  • This new account will allow you to purchase the stream and download options.

All downloads will be available by the end of the business day on December 14. Here’s how to get them once you add them to your account:

  1. Select “My Account” (also at the very top of the page; if you select “My Account” and are only given the option to logout, that means you are already logged in).
  2. Login using your username and password (if you forgot your password click on the “Lost your password?” link).
  3. Remain on the “Your Account” page and click the “Downloads” tab (which appears after the “Dashboard” and “Orders” tabs) to access your downloadable files.
  4. Select each file on your list to download to your computer.
  5. Enjoy watching and/or listening.